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    Double Coupon Policy: Manufacturer coupons $0.50 or less will be doubled at many locations. Coupons $0.50 to $1.00 will be redeemed for $1.00.  Coupons over $1.00 will be redeemed at face value.  Double coupons do not apply to free item, Dillon's, Catalina, or electronic coupons added to your Dillon's Plus card.

    $.35 coupon will double to $.70
    $.50 coupon will double to $1
    $.75 coupon will double to $1
    And so on
    $1 or greater coupon will not double

    eCoupons: Dillon's accepts eCoupons from, and!  Stacking eCoupons with other coupons is not allowed.

    BOGO Sale: Dillon's stores allow you to use two value-amount off coupons on a store BOGO promo since you are purchasing two items.

    10 for $10.00: 
    When purchasing Dillon's 10 for $10.00, you do not need to purchase 10 items; each item will be priced at $1.00 per item.  You can mix and match products, along with using coupons.

    Dillon's Plus Rewards Card: 
    For every $100 you spend at Dillon's using your store loyalty card, receive a deduction of $0.10 on any grade fuel on your next fill up at a participating fuel center.  Limit car only, up to 25-gallons maximum fill up. Sign up for the Dillon's Plus Rewards Card at the customer service desk!

    Remember that Dillon's policy will vary from Region to Region, and this policy is specifically for the Mid-Atlantic region!

    An example of what you can do with coupons. 
    They paid me $.10 to take this out of the store :)
    Thanks to Dillon's mega sales and doubling of coupons.

    How I get crazy with Dillons:

    Our Dillon's has new sales starting every Wednesday.

    I go online to The Krazy Coupon Lady's Kroger Page or A Full Cup's Kroger Forum on Saturdays and look for the Mid Atlantic Kroger ad. Since Dillon's is owned by Kroger their ads will match our soon to be Dillon's ad. It's my sneak peak.

    The Krazy Coupon Lady's Kroger Page also show you any coupons that might match up with the sale items.

    If there is something that will be a great deal I will hop online to the sites you can purchase coupons and decide if it is cost effective to purchase coupons that I do not have, or buy a bigger quantity of coupons for the sale. So far this has been a great way to stock up on items.